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We help organizations achieve optimum business performance during times of rapid growth and significant internal and external change.

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Pamela Haines is our Chief Change Agent at Slate Consultants, but we like to call her our Professor of Productivity.

Pam’s strong background in organizational development, business change management, process design and documentation, instructional design and training delivery is what powers her work with executive teams during times of change – needed or imposed. Her skills include strategic planning, project management, team leadership and workshop facilitation.

Pam’s work at Slate Consultants has delivered significant results for clients, ranging from small startups to international corporations across a broad range of industries including, Real Estate Management and Investment, Construction, Global Technology Solutions & Services, Publishing, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, Pulp & Paper, and Non-Profit organizations.

Pamela Haines

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We’re glad you were able to attend! We specialize in organizational change that is implemented with a minimum of fuss, designed to deliver sustainable results, and will provide a quick payback on investment.

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Our team helps create an organized strategy that is structured around your business, specifically designed to help your team reach your business goals.


We help your team increase its capabilities so you work together with the efficiency and synergy you’ve always wanted.


While working with us, you will be able to see how much your team’s efficiency has skyrocketed in your business operations and through the results you see from your clients.


The skills we build with you are more than a temporary solution. We develop long-term strategies to help your business run smoothly and achieve success now and in the years to come.

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